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Friday, August 14, 2009

Whidbey Island: A Photographic Tour - The Beach

As I mentioned in my last post, I took over 1200 pictures. Some great, some horrible, most tolerable. Don't worry. I won't share them all. That would be like going to great Uncle Horace's house and watching his vacation slides. Great for insomniacs, bad for blog readers.

I am going to break them up, though. So today I give you...


Our Island Abode

The view of Double Bluff from our Island Abode

The walkway to our treasures. Gretchen's husband, Big, helped build it.

Beauty on the beach

A live sand dollar

Lunch time

One of Susan's greatest finds

Kellie and His Girl taking a break from touching slimy things to get some snapshots

This is a moon snail. A big moon snail. There is nothing wrong with it. This is what a moon snail is supposed to look like. Poor little moon snail.

The girls peaking over the vastly interesting barnacle rock

Susan's crabs, not to be confused with cooties

A sampling of our beach booty

What a fun morning that was. Gretchen gave us bags to carry our finds in, but I was so busy taking photos that I only brought home three things. A sand dollar, a snail shell and a clamshell. And I don't even think I actually gathered them off the beach. I think I pilfered them from someone else's finds. But what are they going to do? Come get them?

Next tour - Island Living

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