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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Who are Dixie & Daisy?

You may have noticed the counter on my sidebar that says "Dixie and Daisy". That nifty little business is counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until I have reconstruction on December 29th.

That's right, people. Goodbye Uniboob, hello Dixie and Daisy. No more worrying about my boob ending up around my waist when I go swimming or reaching up to scratch my left shoulder and realizing that things have shifted up to my collar bone. The days of lugging around hot and uncomfortable silicone prostheses all day or constantly readjusting the lighter, more comfortable shoulder pads (they work great! - thanks, Beth!) are coming to an end. Oh, happy day!!

And where did I get the names Dixie and Daisy? Why, Blogthings, of course! Truly, is there anything they don't have a quiz for??

Your Boobies' Names Are...

Dixie and Daisy
Boobie Name Generator

In case you're wondering, hubby has absolutely NO say in what size I become. I'm used to walking upright and I'd like to keep it that way.

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