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Monday, November 03, 2008

Toddy and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Todd is having oral surgery in about an hour. Not quite three years ago he had a root canal, post and crown in one of his lower molars. It never felt quite right and a week or so ago it was decided the root of the tooth is probably cracked. His dentist removed the crown and the post and today he goes to an oral surgeon to have the rest of the tooth removed and, hopefully, an implant inserted. After a few months he'll go in an have a crown applied to the implant.

The remaining root is very close to the nerve in the jaw and I've been praying - almost desperately - that the surgery goes smoothly and without incident. I know that's a pretty common prayer, but most of you guys don't know Todd. He used to have If It Can Go Wrong It Will tattooed on his forehead.

Not today, though. This morning he will go in, they'll blessedly knock him out, the root will come out, they'll insert the implant and BAM! He'll be all done. And any prayers to this end would be greatly appreciated.

And I'll be reading The Shack in the waiting room. (What!? This is my blog so I have to make it about me somehow!)

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