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Friday, December 15, 2006

Just Some Thoughts

I think they should make it a law that when there's commercial construction going on anywhere they have to post a sign letting people know what exactly they're building. We have several new shops going up near us, but we have no idea what they are! It's very frustrating. Should I be excited? Disappointed? What??

I also think it would be a great idea to have scrolling LED signs on automobiles so that when we see someone singing and/or dancing to what appears to be a great song on the radio we would know what it is. I'm truly not a nosey person by nature, but I'm always left wondering what song is making her scrunch up her face like that while she sings or which tune is so jumpy that he can't sit still. Just a thought.

Thought this was funny. I was listening to an iPod and started putting stamps on Christmas cards when "That Thing You Do" came on. Get it?? If you haven't seen the movie then you won't understand. But if you have seen the movie, then it was just EXACTLY like when Liv Tyler was stamping envelopes and listening to the little transister radio with earplugs when "That Thing You Do" came on for the first time. Yeah. That's how I think.

There is something beeping in my family room and I have no idea what it is. It's driving me batty!! I guess I should just turn up the volume on my little iPod thingy so I can't hear it anymore. Surely it's not some kind of alarm... I suppose I should probably investigate instead.


The mystery of the beeping thing has been solved. And it's so stupid that if I hadn't had a witness I wouldn't 'fess up. My car was in the shop, the shop called to say it was ready and my friend, Betsy, came to give me a ride over there. I was in our driveway when I heard the beep again and looked around. I told her, "There is something beeping and it's driving me crazy! I can't figure out what it is and now I'm hearing it out here, too. Maybe it's the radon thingy!!" So we're driving down the road when we hear it AGAIN! Oh my gosh! It's following me. Turns out it was my cell phone beeping from my purse because there was a message. LOL!!!

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