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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Gilligan and a Fly

Todd just informed me he ordered The Essential -- John Denver. All I said was that I would never in a million years use the words "essential" and "John Denver" in the same sentence. He was greatly offended and couldn't believe I would talk about the deceased in that way.

Me - You mean the pot smoker?

Todd - I can't believe you just said that. You cut me to the bone.

Me - I didn't insult you. I just don't like John Denver. You don't have to take it personally.

Todd - I would never say something like that about someone you love. And do you know why?

Me - Yeah, yeah. Because your love is the island the overflows the ocean. I know.

Todd - Obviously you don't love me like I love you.

Me - Obviously.

So then he said he was going to start a blog and tell everyone the mean things I say and I told him not to bother because I was going to blog about it before he had a chance to put his spin on it.

As I started to write this post I asked him what the name of the CD was.

Me - Was it "The Essential - Bob Denver"?

Todd - Um, no. It was "The Essential -- John Denver", not Bob Denver.

To which I started laughing so hard thinking about Gilligan singing "Take me home, country roads..."


When he came up from the basement he walked through the living room and into the dining room turning off the lights. I was sitting in my green chair, playing on the computer when all of a sudden a noisy fly started buzzing me.

Me - That stupid fly is back! Did you turn off the lights in the dining room?

Todd - Yes. Pause. Looks at me as if I'm growing two heads. Did you have the dining room lights on for a reason? Which was a silly question because he knew the answer.

Me - Yes. When I came back in here the fly was annoying me. So I turned on the light in the dining room, came back in here and turned off the light. I sat in the dark until I saw the fly in the dining room. Then I turned this light back on.

Todd - Oh my gosh. I'm going to start keeping a notebook of all the crazy things you do. Then I'm going to start writing it all down in a blog for all your friends to see.

Not if I get to it first, buddy boy!

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