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Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Anniversary Cake

As probably all of you know, I had a left mastectomy on May 3, 2005 due to breast cancer. On May 3, 2006 this cake was delivered to my door:

Two of my friends, Lisa and Amy (hi guys), sent this to me for an anniversary cheer-me-up. Along with the cake they sent a card. I don't have it in front of me and am waaay to lazy to go to my room to get it, so I'll paraphrase:

Thank you for having your boob cut off a year ago so you're still here for us to send tacky and crass gifts to.

Now some people probably find the whole thing offensive. But if you know anything about me you know this sort of thing appeals to my depraved sense of humor. The poor lady who baked the cake was so worried that it would upset me that I had to go in her shop the next day and assure her I was rather pleased.

And really, how could I argue with what they said in the card? I'm glad I had my boob cut off so I'm still here to receive gifts, tacky, crass or otherwise.

By the way, it was chocolate and one of the best bakery cakes I've ever had! I only wished I looked more like the cake - flat stomach, tiny waist, etc. And eating that cake certainly didn't help my figure any!


I'm still working on the Jim Butcher book. I am enjoying it so will finish, but it's not holding my attention very well.

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