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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

TP Update/Foob Brilliance

Remember the Great Toilet Paper Debacle of '09? I had asked Taylor to look in the hall closet upstairs to see if there was any toilet paper. I heard him open the door and I envisioned him diligently searching so I took his word for it when he said, "no". Imagine my surprise on Saturday when I found SEVEN rolls in the hall closet! Seven whole rolls just sitting there. They weren't covered by towels or blankets. They were just quietly taking up space on the shelf in plain sight!

That'll learn me.


Sunday morning at church I approached my friend, Gail, as she was chatting with Sarah, to ask her a question. When she saw me she hugged me and said, "I love it when you blog about your boobs!" It was quite obvious from the look on Sarah's face that she had no idea what Gail was talking about. Between the two of us we explained what the post had been about.

She considered the story for a moment and then she said, "So instead of Locks of Love, it's like Bosoms of Blessings." How brilliant is that??

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